Social Call to Action

Inspired by the luxury of first class travel and uncompromisingly designed around guests, YOTEL takes the essential elements of luxury hotels into smaller, cleverly-designed spaces to deliver smart technology, a sense of community and exceptional experience.

The Challenge:

YOTEL wanted to grow affinity for the brand with new audiences, strengthen social media presence for its YotelAIR brand and fuel engaging content creation, whilst creating a traveller community.

The Strategy:

Our strategy was to initiate a pilot campaign, concentrated in the UK, that called upon brand advocates, influencers, Twitter and Facebook followers, as well as Instagram followers to share their “Clever Travel Tips” in visual, social submissions, to be collected and repurposed by YOTEL for content and media use.

The Execution:

We invited select influencers to participate in the campaign by sharing tips and asking their followers to participate. #CleverTravel submissions encouraged smart, delightful, unexpected, economical ideas and experiences.

The Results:

YOTEL’s #CleverTravel campaign officially engaged 6 unpaid influencers and by extension, created a larger community of participants, boosting YOTELAIR’s Instagram following by 100 followers and counting. The campaign’s success and resulting traffic to the YOTEL main page have inspired the rollout of #CleverTravel into other global markets to come in 2018.

Reaching 55k+

followers on Instagram

Achieving nearly 160k

reach via Yotel content alone


impressions via Yotel channels

90 NEW

followers on YOTELAir Instagram