Wearables for good

frog, a global design and strategy firm, regularly engages in social impact work, applying human-centered design to help resolve global issues. In 2015, frog partnered with children’s humanitarian organization UNICEF, and connected technology company ARM, to launch the Wearables for Good Challenge. The incubator–style design contest aimed to uncover innovations in wearable design and technology that serve a greater purpose. Together with UNICEF and ARM, frog designers helped finalists hone their designs to create scalable, wearable solutions that benefit children around the world in need.

The Challenge:

Demonstrate the wearable tech potential beyond fitness to accelerate social good applications (and good business) in developing countries.

The Strategy:

Prompt and facilitate development of scalable solutions for the world’s most vulnerable and resource-constrained communities, and establish ‘wearables for good’ on the tech, business and design agendas.

The Execution:

Engage with media and industry partners during an extended campaign to call designers, technologists and innovators to action, document the incubation period, showcase solutions and reach a broader business community.

The Results:

The campaign had a truly global reach, attracting 2,000 registrants from 65 countries, resulting in 250 entries from 46 different countries across six continents. It created overwhelmingly positive sentiment and was the most significant coverage driver for frog month after month, further establishing the firm as a leader in human-focused design.

300 Million

Impressions to date


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Registrants from 65 countries across six continents